Visions of Chaos

I just got the full version of Visions of Chaos, a program which allows you to make really cool pictures and animations of 1D, 2D and 3D cellular automata (time-lapse!)

, 2D and 3D attractors(a 1D attractor would be dull),

fluid, gravity, DLA,

various simulations like the Lorentz Wheel and Fish vs. Sharks,

fractals (of course)

genetics, and reaction-diffusion.

The person who made it is from Australia, and he’s made some pretty good other software, such as a web cam viewer, and an anagram generator (random blog -> long mad orb) , and the main program is rather good, although a bit slow at times. After getting it, I decided to make a few animations, such as a simulation with gravity of 100000 particles (pictured is the 10000 one)

and one of a chemical reaction,

and even one of flowing water:

Naturally, the program does have really hi-res long renders, and I did actually make another 5-second gravity animation using the highest settings, but it took my computer 18 hours and the 10000 point gravity animation is more interesting.

Overall, this has led me to conclude:

The best programs are either made in Australia or Japan.

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