Update: the executable for Windows is now on my website and is available from the downloads page. The program even has it’s own subpage!

Recently I went on another search for free programs, which always ends in the compiler of a computer language. Last time it was Java and Context Free, this time it’s Processing.

Processing is a minimalistic computer language commonly used to make really cool simulations and art, which has a whole bunch of functions for math and cellular automata. It comes with a humongous number of examples for Penrose tiles, sinwave spheres, and so on, including a bunch of tutorials aimed at the non-programmer, which makes it really easy for someone who hasn’t programmed much to get started.

The very first program I made with it was a line that starts from the upper left-hand corner and follows your mouse. Eventually, while going through one of the tutorials where it had me make a mistake and then undo it, where the mistake was that the circles that followed the mouse wouldn’t disappear, so there would be a trail of circles following the cursor.

This immediately made me think of a paint program, and so I tried to create a simple one in Processing. It’s a fun experience to make a program, but due to the minimalisticness of Processing (here’s every single function in it), and the fact that I wasn’t using any pre-made libraries, made some parts very difficult. For example, there’s the problem of telling if the mouse has clicked a button. I had to create a special function that, given the coordinates of the button, will tell you if the mouse is clicking it or not. So far I’ve managed to get up to version 0.1 Alpha in 3 days, and the program’s very easy to use and makes some quite good stuff.

Sketches made in the program:

A simple waterfall

A simple waterfall



The program’s open source, and the source code and .exe files for Windows and Linux will appear on my website ( as soon as I can get them there.

Processing’s really fun to play around with, so I encourage anybody to download a version of it.

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