Websites and the Konami Code

UPDATE: The Konami code on no longer  points to Kelly’s website, but to something else… Kelly’s website can still be acsessed from

Just recently, my friend Mitchell Riley showed me his new site, Interesting Numbers. It’s still in development, as some screens currently bring up errors. (not 404,though)

The idea behind Interesting Numbers is that people can submit facts for numbers, eventually creating a huge database of number facts. On the front page it has the first number that no facts have been entered in about, which would come in handy, when the screens are full with numbers, the newest entered in numbers, and the newest facts.

I was able to test his website for bugs, and relatively little showed with the Over-Customized-Browser-Test, which consists of me tweaking the browser, turning Java and JavaScript on and off, changing the window resolution and size, the character encoding, and even more… The only problem was that when JavaScript was off, the “Jump to…” drop down didn’t work.

Then I tried entering in random words in the number field. It didn’t accept it, which was good. Then I tried a fraction that I knew was important, 866/455, which was the average distance between points in a Sierpinski gasket.

Uh oh.

Decimals also didn’t work.

I notified Mitchell about this, and so there might be datatype errors while he’s fixing the bug, which should be quick.

Recently, I came across a javascript routine for seeing if the user enters in a code. For example, you could make it so that when the user types in “EULER LIKES PIE” a window pops up that has Euler eating pie. The code’s called Konami-JS , and you can guess what the default code is.

Of course, I had to try it out, so now on my website, there are 3 easter eggs, one being the simple “Press this!”  button, which brings up digits of pi, the second being when you type in he Konami Code on a computer (up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a,enter), which redirects you to my little sister’s home page, and the third is a secret.

Of course, you could look at the source.

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