Even More Animations

Ever since my last post, I’ve been making more and more animations, which, in their uncompressed form, has been taking a strain on my hard drive. However, these have produced some amazing results, and at some point I should  upgrade to the newer version of my simulation software so that I can make animations of  Wada basins and the newly discovered Mandelbulb,  a 3-dimensional version of the Mandelbrot Set discovered by Daniel White.

The first one this time around is an animation of Video Feedback, sort of what you get when you point a videocamera at the screen of the T.V.:

I also made one showing fractal patterns with gravity sources:

A repeatable one “ping-ponging” the Mandelbrot Set:

and one showing a part of the Mandelbrot Set as the number of iterations is changed.

Of course, I can also make animations which are rendered in 3D, such as the  following one showing DLA, or diffusion-limited-aggregation, which is a bunch of particles moving around randomly until one touches a stationary point, at which point it also becomes stationary:

And lastly, a flyover of the Mandelbrot Set, where iterations are mapped to height:

Some more software by the same person involves making timelapses via webcam, which can be pretty interesting when made.

The first one of these is a timelapse of Mount Fuji in Japan, which shows some very interesting details if you look at it closely, such as people getting out of a bus:

And lastly, the most interesting, a timelapse of the buildings in Los Angeles:

I might take a break from making all these animations, and focus on something else for a while, such as puzzles and recreational mathematics.

Of course, I’d make animations of those.

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