Random(Blog) is only pseudo-random.

It’s also the primary blog of Neil Bickford, a Rube Goldberg enthusiast and metagrobologist currently located in California. You can also find him on neilbickford.com, Twitter, or Mastodon.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Having seen you briefly at G4G9 I’m delighted to have found your blog. I look forward to reading your recollections – already you have reminded me of a few things I’d forgotten.

    Have you figured out how the PiDayMagic trick was done?

  2. Hey there,

    I was randomly browsing the web and viewed your post about fractals. Reminded me of a project I did last year, fractal imagery using a recursive L-system. I read a couple of posts, very interesting!

    I currently have this project Stochastic Aesthetics, a 100% computer generated blog. Random images are fetched and posted every hour.

    I currently am working on a language processing script that will generate quotes from randomly selected texts. If you are into finding interesting things from pseudorandom generated content be sure to visit.


    Comments and opinions are very welcomed.


  3. You might be interested in my Gray-Scott reaction diffusion movies, exhibiting complexity equivalent to Conway’s Game of Life but in a continuous (not discrete) system. mrob.com/pub/comp/xmorphia/uskate-world.html I gave a talk on this in Dec 2010 at Rutgers, notes and links at mrob.com/sci/talks/20101209.html

  4. Platonic Solids – out of egg cartons… instructions please! I teach art using “found materials”/scrap. There are always a ton of egg cartons. The photo looks nifty but I can’t really see how it’s put together. I think it would be a great sculpture for the kids once the carton has been painted. Are the egg cartons cut into single wide strips of 6 or is it left double-wide? How many cartons are in that “sculpture”? Help! Thanks!

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